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Journal Entry: Thu Dec 5, 2013, 2:28 PM
So getting my degree is really taking its toll on me, and I have to part with some costumes, and some of them are my favorites!

There are a few now, but I may list more and a few wigs.


For Sale:

FULL Mami Tomoe Magical Girl costume, all pieces can be included (wig and/or shoes raise the price a bit because of shipping and such)…

FULL Sayaka Miki Magical Girl cosplay, all pieces included, fabulous condition and very sad to see it go.…

Airi from Queen's Blade, sans wig, scythe, tights and shoes.…

Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, just the jacket and skirt.…

Please feel free to ask questions etc etc!! :)

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Holiday Matsuri!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 21, 2013, 11:51 AM
Hey everyone!! My next convention is Holiday Matsuri (December 12-14) here in Orlando!

I am SO excited to also announce that I will be a guest at the con!! Ahhhhh! I am SO honored and excited but also still in shock haha! I will be doing lots of events at the con too, so it will be a busy weekend for sure!

On that note, here is my list of costumes I think I will be wearing! Plus I will be bringing a few extras incase I want to change or shoot or what not!

:bulletwhite: FRIDAY :bulletwhite:

Friday I know I am particpating in the opening ceremonies! This is the one day I'm still not really sure what I am going to wear! At this point it is mostly what I get done in time. I am REALLY hoping to do a Sheryl Nome costume, but we will see! If not I will just wear one of my backups :)

:bulletwhite: SATURDAY :bulletwhite:

Saturday I am SUPER busy but that is super awesome! I will be wearing Human Luna and couldn't be more excited! I am really hoping to get lots of pictures of her before everything gets crazy!

:bulletwhite: SUNDAY :bulletwhite:

And for Sunday I am pretty sure I will be wearing Elizabeth! Hoping to get one of her other outfits done (because now I am hooked lol!) but if not Burial at Sea it is!

:Bulletred: BACK UP COSTUMES :bulletred:

I am hoping to also bring:
-Sailor Uranus/Jupiter
-Burial at Sea Elizabeth

SO!! Who else is going to Holiday Matsuri? What are you wearing? What events are you going to / looking forward to? :D

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AFO, Dragon*Con, and Other Cosplay Stuff!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 15, 2013, 3:57 PM
Oh wow! I can't believe AFO is already here! I will not be going tomorrow, but I will be there Saturday and Sunday! :D I'm honestly not 100% sure what I will be wearing but it looks like my FemShep dress and HOPEFULLY Tali if she gets done! If not maybe Sailor Uranus? Great news though, I will be part of the "Cosplay Showcase" panel on Friday! If you're going to AFO please come and check it out! :D

Dragon*Con is coming up at the end of the month as well! Ah! I'm bringing quite a few things but right now its looking like my new Catwoman, pinup! Juliet Starling, Cammy White, Airi (from Queen's Blade), and Tali! Im sure I will bring stuff like FemShep, Miranda, and Black Canary....well see! I will update this closer to the con! :)

In other news I am also working on Super Sailor Jupiter, Sayaka Miki, and Sheryl Nome! (Maybe Holiday Matsuri??)

And finally I just wanted to list some shoots I hope to do (be it at a con or outside of one) before the end of 2013!

-Batwoman and Alice, preferably together (be it both me or me and someone who looks like me haha)
-FemShep (maybe with some classy setting or such...since it is her dress! Im looking at you classy sushi bars!)
-Original Pin Up Catwoman
-Pinup!/ Rockabilly! Juliet Starling (I still need her chainsaw though!)
-Cammy White
-Mary Marvel
-Sheryl Nome
-Sailor Jupiter

Soooooo pretty much everything haha! Some old, some new, but I would LOVE to have just solid, high quality (non hallway) pictures of these! -crosses fingers-

I hope to see you guys at AFO, D*C, or Holiday Matsuri even! :D

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Metrocon 2013!!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 22, 2013, 7:01 AM
Hey everyone! :wave:

Supercon has come and gone! It was a blast! I really loved getting to wear Miranda out and about, and Utena as well! Sadly I didn't get a chance to wear Cammy. Honestly this year Supercon was just crowded to the point of being uncomfortable and making it hard to have fun/do the things you wanted to do. Thankfully I got to see a lot of people and really in the end that's my favorite part of the con! Plus I got to talk/hang out with some people I never get to really see so that was awesome too! :D

Anyways onto Metrocon this weekend! I will only be going Saturday and Sunday though! Here are my plans:

:bulletred: Saturday :bulletred:

Saturday I haven't decided if I will be wearing Super Sailor Uranus or Miranda Lawson! I also miiiiiight have my FemShep dress done (Ive been working on it for Dragon*Con) so I might just wear that since its comfy and cool for the summer! Just hanging out today, maybe doing some shopping in the artist's alley (my favorite part of any con!)

:bulletred: Sunday :bulletred:

Sunday I am wearing Odette! Princess Tutu again! I am SO excited to wear this! I have made various adjustments / improvements to it so that is exciting too! I am considering entering the costume contest with this (since I wanted to enter her at megacon but never got the chance to) but Im not sure! Contests make me so nervous and because of that I freeze up in prejudging and feel like I do a terrible job presenting my costume... :< ah well!

ANYWAYS! Who else is going to Metro?! I haven't been since 2010 (where my Marluxia and Black Rock Shooter photos are from!) so it will be interesting! I'm mostly just excited to rewear some cosplays I love! :heart: I hope to see a lot of you there! :)

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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 4, 2013, 8:18 AM
Wow way for it to already be SuperCon and heres me finishing cosplays and just now posting it lol! Anyways Im not down in Miami yet, because being the 4th of July Im spending it with family! :D Speaking of, Happy 4th of July to all my USA friends!!!! If you're out of the states, just happy July/Summer/day! ;) 

Anyways here are my cosplay plans for SuperCon!!

:bulletred: Friday :bulletred:

Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect! I cannot wait to wear her! I "test" wore her when I was helping out at my good friend Wreck'd Studios prop/armor booth at CEO 2013! (Which was a blast btw!). I've made a lot of upgrades to her from last weekend already like adding details to her neckpiece, belt, and making boot extensions! Im really proud of those btw, I made them completely separate so I didn't have to ruin a good pair of pricey boots but if I do say so myself they look pretty seamless on :3 When I upload some pictures of her I'll put up more construction notes (like how the suit was bought from Ana Aesthetic but everything I made/adjusted/etc etc and wig notes!) I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS. Tali is still in progress btw haha! 

:bulletwhite: Saturday :bulletwhite:

Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena! Im so pumped for this! She is a character I have just loved forever, and have wanted to cosplay forever, and so glad I finally am! Even better news is the lovely VertigoVendetta is being Anthy! Ahhhhhh! :heart: I know I keep saying it, but I can't wait! 

:bulletred: Sunday :bulletred:

Cammy White from Street Fighter! I've been working on her for awhile, and while Im not 100% happy with the gauntlets, I want to wear her soooo bad that I just will lol! Kinda nervous, but hey, what better place to wear a thong leotard than Miami haha. 

:star: I also am having two seperate shoots from those cosplays Friday night and Saturday/Sunday morning! I am not allowed to say much about about the morning shoots, but its definetly something different for me and I'm excited! Friday night I am shooting with SuperHero photography by Adam Jay again (Justice league shoot/Zatanna, some catwoman ones) to revisit his infamous Venom shoot! Can't wait! Once again something new and different for me, but I think it will be awesome! :star:

I'm very excited! I am hoping everything goes well and I will have a lot of new pictures to share with everyone since I am running out of Sailor Uranus and Aria pictures lol!! Hope to see some of you there! :heart:

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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 28, 2013, 8:49 AM
Hey there! Ive added some new costumes for sale and some are still up! To not make the post too huge, I am not including pictures, though they can be seen on the links to their listing on Storenvy and Etsy.

FINE PRINT: I only accept Paypal or purchasing through Storenvy or Etsy. Sorry, I cannot accept returns. I will take price negotiations/ offers into consideration. PLEASE PM me if any questions or interest!

:star: Poison Ivy (Batman)!!! - $55 plus shipping :star:

:star:Love Colored Ward Miku Hatsune! - $65 plus shipping:star:

:bulletred:COMES WITH:
-Pink nurse dress (red ribbon detail, large white buttons, and white lace detailing)
-Matching nurses hat
-Never worn matching silk bloomers
-Lace Garter

:bulletwhite:NOT INCLUDED:
-Pale Pink Tights

:bulletred:SIZE: Somebody SMALLER than my current measurements would fit much more comfortably into this! I had a hard time squeezing my bust in! My current measurements are 36", 29", 39", and I am 5'8"


:star:C.C. BALLGOWN - $135 plus shipping REDUCED PRICE:star:

:bulletred:COMES WITH:
-Full Dress

:bulletwhite:NOT INCLUDED:
-Shoes (wore regular heels)
-Flower (Nooooo clue where it ended up)
-Petticoat (Needed for other costumes)

:bulletred:SIZE: Would fit someone around my current measurements. Somebody much shorter than me might be swimming in it since its quite long, someone a bit taller should be okay.
Doesnt have much stretch, so someone with a bigger bust or waist might not fit comfortably.
My current measurements: 36", 29", 39", and I am 5'8"


:star:BLACK ROCK SHOOTER CLOAK - $45 plus shipping:star:

:bulletred:COMES WITH:
-Cloak only!! Beautiful thick pleather coat, FULLY lined! White star hand painted on the front and a larger on the back! Zipper is not functional (but could easily be replaced with a functional zipper if wanted). Can be worn open, or pinned at the neck

:bulletwhite:NOT INCLUDED:
-Wig /eyeflame
-Bra top

:bulletred:SIZE: My current measurements are 36", 29", 39", and I am 5'8". This has pretty free measurements though and could fit someone larger OR smaller!


:star:MEIKO - $35 plus shipping:star:
CONDITION: PRETTY GOOD (One mark on skirt, can be covered)

:bulletred:COMES WITH:
-Red vest/top
-Red wrap around skirt
-Wig can be included for extra $20 -- (PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT TO ARRANGE THIS!)

:bulletwhite:NOT INCLUDED:
-Sports bra worn under
-Bike shorts worn under
-Black gloves

:bulletred:SIZE: Would fit someone around my current measurements. WOULD FIT SOMEONE A BIT SMALLER/SHORTER BETTER. When I wore it my measurements were around 36", 28-29", 38"! And I was about 5'8"


:star:HAKU - NARUTO - $65:star:

:bulletred:COMES WITH:
-Brown/tan undershirt (turtleneck, longsleeve, light weight and zip up back)
-Green over-"kimono"
-Long, loose pleated pants (zip and button back, elastic on the wasit)
-Wig (complete with accesories)
-Headband (if found, no charge)

:bulletwhite:NOT INCLUDED:
-Shoes (broken)

:bulletred:SIZE: My current measurements are 36", 29", 39", and I am 5'8". This would fit someone right around my size or slightly smaller/bigger



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I love doing these every so often! :heart:

1. For each of the first ten people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list! If you would like to suggest your own deviations, feel free to do so.
EDIT: I will do more than 10 :) It might take me a bit to catch up and such but I don't mind doing how ever many comment honestly lol! I love going through galleries and seeing new work to love (or loving ones I've seen all over again!)

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not simply getting a free feature, but spreading art around for everyone!

:star: 1 :star: :iconeatsleepbroadway: eatsleepbroadway
Crimson by eatsleepbroadway Carnival by eatsleepbroadway We'll Fly by eatsleepbroadway

:star: 2 :star: :icondocwatsonmd: DocWatsonMD
Classic Noir by DocWatsonMD Whispers of Denial by DocWatsonMD Shadows and Ghosts by DocWatsonMD

:star: 3 :star: :iconbizria: BiZria
Beyond the Sea by BiZria Omega by BiZria The Witch Princess by BiZria

:star: 4 :star: :iconauress: auress
It seems I'm much...lighter without my body by auress Channeling My Powers by auress Hyrule's Hope by auress

:star: 5 :star: :iconsavvyxoxo: Savvyxoxo
PT: The Raven's Daughter by Savvyxoxo DC: Black Canary by Savvyxoxo PT: The Prince and the Raven by Savvyxoxo

:star: 6 :star: :iconkoristarfire: KoriStarfire
Pixie Hollow: Frienemies by KoriStarfire Dratini Head shot by KoriStarfire BSSM: V by KoriStarfire

:star: 7 :star: :icontifaia: TifaIA
Growing Up by TifaIA It's Fate by TifaIA Let's Dance Boys by TifaIA

:star: 8 :star: :icontheflyinggrayson: TheFlyingGrayson
DW: The Raggedy Man by TheFlyingGrayson A Stranger by TheFlyingGrayson PT: My Raven Princess by TheFlyingGrayson

:star: 9 :star: :iconfruits-punch-samurai: Fruits-Punch-Samurai
You Know Nothing, John Smith by Fruits-Punch-Samurai Dance la Esmeralda by Fruits-Punch-Samurai Hero of China by Fruits-Punch-Samurai

:star: 10 :star: :icontoadymctoadster: ToadyMcToadster
I Should Go... by ToadyMcToadster Tomoko, The Black Swordswoman by Beato-Beato Renegade by ToadyMcToadster

:star: 11 :star: :iconservala: Servala
How the old man got his scars - Intro by Servala Your sure you wanna mess with me by Servala Hell hath no fury by Servala

:star: 12 :star: :iconfigmentsmedia: Figmentsmedia
Ren-Faire: Ariel Cosplay by Figmentsmedia MegaCon: Slave Princess Jasmine by Figmentsmedia Florida Anime Experience: Swimsuit Sailor Moon by Figmentsmedia
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Hey guys! I just wanted to write up a little something for Megacon!

Friday I was dressed a Super Sailor Uranus, with some AMAZING other ladies as the other scouts! We were only missing a moon ironically! :iconkapalaka: Kapalaka / Mars set the whole thing up, I want to send her a huge thanks for allowing me to be part of the group! Trying to all meet up was a little crazy, but hey, the important part was is that we all did meet up and it ROCKED! :iconexilefayt: ExileFayt was killing it as Mercury! We go way back but I havent gotten to see her recently and it was so great and hilarious to finally get to hang out/ cosplay together! That girl can make me laugh! :iconhoodedwoman: HoodedWoman and :iconvertigovendetta: VertigoVendetta are two super talented gals that cosplayed Jupiter and Venus respectively and also two ladies I have been wanting to cosplay with for sometime! It was so cool getting to know them more, and actually spending time together! :iconk-chan323: K-chan323 I met for the first time this con! It gets better when you realize that we cosplayed Uranus and Neptune together, which I think most people would expect to know each other haha! But she is a lovely lady who was sooooo easy to talk to and get to know, and Im so happy we did get to meet, because she is a great person! LAST but not least, :iconcosplaycousins: CosplayCousins were also there with Tranquility as Pluto and Hannamaru as Saturn! I was lucky enough to be able to cosplay with them in Otakitty's Mina group but this time I got to spend more time with them, and actually chat with them some and thats another thing Im glad I got to do, they both are just fantastic and I hope we get to cosplay togther/hang out more in the future! PLUS they made my tiara for me so we could match, and brought me a matching star for my choker! We did a group shoot with thirdstop :iconthirdstop:, and also did some pairs/solos with him. AHHHH so excited for the results! We also did an Outer Senshi shoot with :iconmorataya: Morataya later that day, and despite all of us dying from heel pain, I think the shoot went fantastically! God I love Sailor Moon so much and it was just a dream to be a part of a group with such talented ladies I look up to and especially to have a full outers group (I love them!)

Phew so Saturday was crazy! I was Aria T'loak from Mass Effect, and if you know me you know I love Mass Effect to the point of obsession haha! I was and am ecstatic to FINALLY have done a Mass Effect costume, AND one of my alllllll time favorite characters to top that off! Im so happy that Karyna helped me out on this, by motivating me to not give up on the costume no matter HOW nuts the outfit drove me (she was doing Nyreen after all!), and for applying my headpeice and painting me<3 Im so incredibly proud of how this costume came together, and I got to shoot with :iconxinstrumental:xinstrumental who ive wanted to shoot with forever, AND :iconmorataya: Morataya who is easily one of my favorite photographers to shoot with whenever possible. Seriously talented guys here! Favorite photogs, favorite series/character....Im sooooooo pumped to see the results! Anyways, the reception for the costume was overwhelming and I want to thank everyone for being so awesome and friendly. For once I really had the chance to meet a lot of new people, talk shop with some, and talk games with others! OH, and to the group of guys that would scream "DONT FUCK WITH ARIA" or "WHATS THE ONE RULE OF OMEGA?" whenever they saw guys made my day. Rock on.

So Sunday. Saturday night I had a rooooough night sickness wise, so when it came to wearing a costume, I just didnt want to! BUT :iconlollisarahboo: LolliSarahBoo and I worked super hard to get our Tinkerbell and Rosetta done, and had two shoots scheduled so we wore them for the morning then changed into regular clothes to FINALLY go in the dealers room! (It was my first time the whole weekend! :O) Im glad we did wear them though, the pictures are gorgeous...Im just so sad we didnt get to the big Disney gathering!

OVERALL, it was a great weekend. I got to spend a lot of time with my wifey Sarah which was much needed, and got to become closer with a lot of friends that I dont get to see much. I for once loved every single costume I wore, and was beside myself with how kind everyone was! Plus I got to be a part of some killer groups, and I so hope to be a part of more in the future! (Though us sailor scouts DO have another sailor moon related group planned, and Im soooooooooo excited/nervous for it haha!) I wish I had words to describe how much I NEEDED a great weekend, and how thankful I am for everyone!

OH and get ready for Megacon photospam once I get them! I have my Rosetta pics from both shoots, and will be spreading those out. And from what Ive seen from around the con / hallway photos, Im going to be in love with my Sailor Uranus and Aria pics as well! EEEEEEEE cant wait!! :heart:

I might have to give in and get a premium membership again....ugh the ads are killing me. They block a lot of important buttons/links so I cant see or press them without pressing the add and it is driving me nuuuuuuuuuts.
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Hey guys!

I am currently selling four of my cosplays: Love Colored Ward Miku, C.C. (Artwork Ballgown), Meiko (Default outfit), AND My Rinoa costume!

Here is the link to the account! You can message me on there, or on here if you are interested! Either is fine with me! :)
Any questions or concerns please note/message me too!

:star:… :star:


I also have Meiko, C.C., and Rinoa listed on eBay, but the prices are a bit higher/altered because of eBay fees :(

I will list them below:




Thank you guys for your time!
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Updates and Megacon Plans! :)

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 27, 2012, 3:28 PM
Hey everyone! Slowly but surely I have been uploading a few extra pictures I have of newer costumes, but sadly I have run out of them, and don't have anything new to show! I am trying to get some shoots scheduled for Batwoman (in a cool urban setting), Princess Tutu (Hopefully in a really elegant / maybe even a stage to get some real dance shots done!), and Catwoman (also in a cool setting to do some more acrobatic shots!) so hopefully that will be done before Megacon comes up!!

Speaking of Megacon, I am looking at having Super S Sailor Uranus done, Aria T'loak from Mass Effect (with Karyna as Nyreen Kandros, hnnnng), and either Rosetta or Cinderella done for the Disney gathering!! No progress to show yet, but I am hoping on having some to show for Aria soon!

Sooooo. How have you all been doing? I hope everyone had a lovely winter holidays! And got everything you wanted! I know I did! (well besides having my costumes magically done haha!)

Hmmmm I might go to Anime Day Orlando just to be able to dress up and walk around! I would say to take some photos too but after the interesting experience of not being allowed to take pictures outside / in the hotel Im actually starting to second guess even going haha! If I did go I would wear Sailor Uranus or even Crimson Camellia Meiko!

Well, thats enough rambling!

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Hey there everyone!

I know I've posted about this once or twice before but to all the new watchers and ones that missed it... PLEASE go "like" my facebook page. I promise you there are a lot more pictures there and some that will most likely never be posted here!! I bug you all about this because I feel bad that I don't update dA as much as I should/with all the pictures from shoots!

So if you could just do that, that would be great! If not, hey, I'm still trying to keep this up to date! (But no promises! ;) )

:star:… :star:

Thank you and I hope you all are having an awesome October! :) :heart:
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Well just under a week a way is Dragon*Con!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
I'm SO excited, and can't wait to see everyone again and be at D*C again! Its my favorite time of the year next to Halloween Horror Nights ;)

SO! Here are my plans!

:bulletred: THURSDAY :bulletred:

Thursday will be my arrival / chill day. I might throw on a casual Selina Kyle or Kate Kane!! I will rest and prepare myself for the crazy three days ahead!!

:bulletpurple: FRIDAY :bulletpurple:

Today will be... CATWOMAN DAY! Im already mentally preparing myself for a whole day in latex hahaha. Itll be fun though, once it gets fit to my form its so comfy and like a second skin! Plus no wig!! I will be at the Gotham City shoot that is at 4pm!

:bulletred: SATURDAY :bulletred:

Yes! Im SOOOOO excited for this day! I will be wearing BATWOMAN and will be there with a suuuper lovely Renee Montoya Question! :heart: I have a new52 shoot earlier in the day that I am so very excited about, and then the large DC universe shoot later!! :)

:bulletpurple: SUNDAY :bulletpurple:

Annnnnd another comfy day! If I finish BLACK CAT I will be wearing her, if not MARY MARVEL it is!

Also I was going to include thumbnails of the costumes Im planning/ me in them on so you guys could know what to look for (because trust me there will be 500000 other catwomans lol!) BUT MY SUBSCRIPTION RAN OUT AGAIN D: So sad!! By pretty journal too! :<

ANYWAYS! Let me know if you're going / what you'll be wearing! I would looooove to meet up with you guys or see you at the shoots! :)
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Hey there everyone! This is just a bit of an update on what costumes are coming along for the upcoming cons the rest of 2012! But first some life stuff!

First off, ignore the ugly journal! My subscription ran out again (/sob!!) and I miss my pretty N7 journal! But ah well!

Second, life! Last friday I went to an audition (if you didn't know, I dance! And have been dancing since age 2!) and actually made it all the way! I got the first call on Monday that I was a match but now Im waiting for the second call when a position opens up! I should expect it any time now to six months at the longest! Ah!!! I'm so nervous, I want this job more than ANYTHING! But due to the company and how seriously they take information being posted about their auditions/casting I can't say any more to be safe! I refuse to do anything to jeopardize this opportunity! (Now back to nervously awaiting a call every morning!!! :cry:)

And lastly, school! I'll be starting school back in the spring (or possibly summer) so hopefully I get the job because I am boooooored!

Okay now onto the stuff you guys care about ;D

:new: New / In Progress Costumes!! :new:

:bulletred: Batwoman (DC Comics) : She is happening for D*C still!
                Have: Wig, Mask, Boots, Belt
                Working on: Suit, Cape, Gloves / Gauntlets

:bulletpurple: Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon) : She is happening for Orlando Anime Day, AFO, AND Megacon 2013!
                Have: Fuku, Wig, Gloves, Tiara, Boots, Choker, Earrings
                Working on: Possibly her sword for a future date!

:bulletred: Merida (Pixar's Brave) : She is happening for maybe a winter con/ Megacon 2013!
                Have: .....nothing yet. Wig and fabric ordered! Oh well, I have boots too!
                Working on: Wig (styling), Dress, Bow + Quiver are going to be comissioned by my friend who does          AMAZING prop work!

:bulletpurple: Mary Marvel (DC Comics) : She is happening for D*C hopefully!
                Have: Wig, Boots
                Working on: Dress (and caplet!)

:bulletred: Black Cat (Marvel Comics) : She is happening for D*C !!!
                Have: Wig, Boots, Suit, Mask
                Working on: adding fur details, choker

:bulletpurple: Zatanna (DC Comics) : For the superhero battle royale shoot! (Now with more Yaya Han!)  
                Have: Everything!
                Working on: Just waiting until the 21st!! :D

I still want to do a Mass Effect cosplay. But Im having a hard time deciding between 4 characters. This really shouldn't be this much of an issue. -_____-

That's all for now!

:star: Hope to see some of you at OAD, AFO, or D*C!!! :star:
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Hey there everyone!

I just got back from my dance nationals which went fabulously, and left right from there to Supercon! Sadly I only attended on Friday out of cosplay (but got to meet Alex Kingston, AHHHHHH! :heart:) before I fell really ill for the rest of the weekend! :(

But that's okay because now I am resting up for an AMAZING photoshoot that will be taking place later in the month. It will be shot by the amazing Adam Jay ( His page --->… ) and feature 15 CHARACTERS!! 5 from X-men, 5 from Avengers, and 5 from The Justice League!!!


To get studio and whatnot, we are trying to raise funds so the shoot can be as awesome as possible! Donations are greatly appreciated over at --->…

BUT THERES MORE! With every level of donation, you get a bonus! And trust me, some of them are really awesome!
I will list them all below, or you can just click the link to be taken to the page which explains everything in MUCH better detail!! If you could also share this on your dA, tumblr, or facebook, that would be AMAZING!!! :heart:

:star:… :star:

$5 - Thank You: A thank you on our web page and a big virtual superhero high 5 !

$10 - A Credit: You will be credited on the Behind The Scenes DVD of this EPIC 2 Day Battle Royale featuring some of the best characters from the Avengers, Xmen & The Justice League

$25 - A Signed Photo & Credit on DVD: You will be credited on the Behind The Scenes DVD of this EPIC 2 Day Battle Royale featuring some of the best characters from the Avengers, Xmen & The Justice League. You will also receive a signed 10x8 Photo featuring the entire Team Cast

$50 - 1st Perk + DVD + T-Shirt: In addition to the signed Cast Photo and DVD credit, you will also receive a Behind The Scenes DVD + Battle Royale Tshirt

$60 - Paperback Book: This is for the Paperback version of the Shoot! This is a storyboard of EPIC fight scenes between the all the characters !

$85 - Movie Poster: This will be a 24x36 Movie Poster featuring an EPIC fight scene with the 3 Teams ! Limited to 25 !

$100 - 1st & 2nd + CAST PHOTOS!: In addition to the signed cast photo, DVD credit, Behind The Scenes DVD & Battle Royale Tshirt you will also receive a signed Hi Res Photo of Each Team Member

$200 - LIMITED EDITION!!! :In addition to the signed cast photo, DVD credit, Behind The Scenes DVD & Battle Royale Tshirt, Hi Res Photo of Each Team Member you will also get a LIMITED EDITION Hardback Coffee Table Book of the Shoot featuring EPIC fight scenes between all the characters !!

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I need to run an idea by you all!! D: Plus update

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 5, 2012, 1:06 PM
First things first: I need to run an idea by everyone. Recently it was brought to my attention that ShadoCon is having a "Talent search" contest (…) and I had this idea....since Ive been doing ballet for 13 years now....why not do a little Princess Tutu dance? Im considering doing this classically, as in either her first solo or the "dying swan" solo (with small variations), or a more diverse and personal take on it. (Purely my own choreography and this cool remix of swan lake I have). As much as I would love to do it en pointe, since I dont know the stage/material I feel more comfortable doing it in regular ballet shoes.

But here are my concerns:
• Should I even attempt this?
• I dont know the stage.....will this still work/ be a good idea is the stage is either built or small? (Ive dances on small stages before and I can dance "under myself" but Im afraid that it won't translate well)
• Do you think this idea has good crowd appeal?
And the such.

Please please PLEASE leave your thoughts and ideas and even suggestions for me D:

:star: :star: :star:

In other news, im slowly but surely trying to work on a few more costumes for the con season.
Ill be (hoping) to attend:
• SuperCon
• Dragon*Con
• ShadoCon

And considering:
• Holiday Matsuri

Costumes Im (slowly but surely) working on:
•Sailor Uranus
•Black Cat (???)

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Premium dA!!

Journal Entry: Thu May 17, 2012, 3:37 PM
I would love to have a premium dA account, just so I could finally change my name from Eva-no-Justu to my more used and common name of Alouette Cosplay.

I might give in just for that, and for my N7 journal skin back. :(

:star: :star: :star: EDIT!!! :star: :star: :star:

So wow. Officially :iconklerych: Klerych is the sweetest and most awesome person right now!! I just kinda was moping and did not expect that at all. You are way too kind! Thank you SOOOOO much!!

You rock!!! :heart:

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Megacon 2012! + Other cons for 2012

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 30, 2012, 9:18 PM
Okay! Heres my cosplay plans for Megacon 2012!!

:bulletred: Friday -- Odette Ver. Princess Tutu
:bulletred: Saturday -- New52 Catwoman
:bulletred: Sunday -- Still wondering! Might repeat tutu or catwoman, or wear The Bride from Kill Bill or Mami. Depends!

Other con wise Im really only planning on AFO and D*C. AFO because its really tradition at this point and holds a sentimental spot in my heart, and D*C because it is literally the best con Ive ever went to,a dn greatly enjoy it! I might try and make it to SuperCon as well.

I usually make a point and try and make it to as many cons as possible, but I don't think thats what Ill be dong this year. Ill be sticking to the big hitters I enjoy (Mega and D*C) and those that are just plan sentimental (AFO). I really wish I could attend NYCC this year but I just don't think that will happen. Some day it will though!

I also have a bad habit of wanting to get a lot of costumes done per year, and realized that I don't re-wear a lot of costumes and thats just a huge waste. So Im only doing to do costumes that really mean something to me and I can be truly passionate and proud about.... which is what I should of been doing from the very start.

For example all I really see myself doing is Inori from Guilty Gear, one or two video game cosplays, and a lot of comic cosplays such as Batwoman and Dawn. Comics are my true passion, they have been since childhood and comic cosplays are really what bring me the most joy and bring me closer to a community I feel more at home with.

Another part on my cut back is health issues. Im dealing with a lot, that just seem to get worse. I don't want to get into it because its really something I rather not talk about or post on the internet because hey its my health and its personal and that whole what not. I will say though that I do have chronic disease that is making me slowly go deaf. Ive lost about 80% of my hearing already in one ear which (this may sound silly) but is making me even more of a shy and socially reclused person. I think its because I get embarrassed that I cant hear/ understand people most of the time and get embarrassed explaining it, and that I feel bad about it as well.

It makes me really nervous for conventions. Not only does loud settings cause physical pain, but obviously a big part of them is interacting with others and I really would rather not seem distant or bitchy to others if I "ignore" them cause I cant hear them or come off as distant or cold in conversation. Its my natural habit to nod and agree in conversation if I miss a part of it because I get embarrassed about asking someone to repeat what they said, because usually I still cant understand it. Plus I have other things going on / side affects to medications that make me fatigued and easily tired a lot. Which also makes cons hard.

So the anxiety about social situations and conventions is making me even more nervous. But at the same time I get so excited with them. I LOVE cosplaying, I LOVE seeing so much other cosplays, I LOVE the opportunity to meet new people (famous or not!) and I LOVE sharing my hobby and passions with others that feel the same. I obviously don't want to give up cosplay and conventions but its getting hard to stay enchanted with it when it becomes more and more of a physical struggle for me.

Okay wow.
This turned into a huge rant / whine. Im sorry for you that had to read that but I needed that catharsis! Now that thats out, Its time for me to suck it up and solider on!

Hope to see some of you guys at Megacon! if youre going comment and tell me what youre wearing! Hopefully we can meet up! :D

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Judas CMV Preview is out!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 12, 2012, 2:09 PM
When i get home Ill write a longer write up on Judas and the process and what not BUT FOR NOW CHECK OUT THIS TUMBLR POST:…

It has 5 screencaps and a link to the preview!

it looks so good so far and I cant wait to see the finished product!

In the meantime check out :iconvalrixa: Valrixa, shes the brilliant director behind this and made it all work with such a talented crew and cast!

Her production FB page, go "like" it! :D

:star: Stay tuned for the finished one, but dont worry Im sure Ill make a huge deal about it when its up ;D :star:

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Commissions? Addressing the Question!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 8, 2012, 1:41 PM
Hi there everyone!

Ive gotten a lot of questions recently about commissions and if I take them. Here's the simple answer YES I DO buuuut there is more! Here is the breakdown:


:bulletgreen: Simple wig stylings
:bulletgreen: Accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, beading etc.
:bulletgreen: And most importantly: RHINESTONING! Now, It may seem like a small niche but not many people know how to properly rhinestone with the correct glues/techniques and do it cleanly! Plus ordering rhinestones can not only be expensive, but tricky for size and color! Not many people know the difference between AB or plain!! Plus I have ways of getting them cheaper and in bulk! A good example is my amber sweet bra! :P


:bulletred: Full or partial costumes! I like sewing with the person right there with me and don't feel comfortable with my skill set yet to sew for others. Plus, time is always in a crunch for me! So just out of interest for my sanity and a good finished product, I wont be taking that kind of commission on for awhile!
:bulletred: COMPLICATED wigs. Same reason as above!

I will be uploading pictures soon of examples of rhinestoning (such as my Princess Tutu Tiaras!) but the Amber Sweet bra (and corset!) are very good examples that are already posted!

Questions or Inquiries? Just note me! :D

:star: ALSO HERE IS MY MEGACON 2012 PLANS: :star:

:bulletwhite: Friday ~ Odette Princess Tutu - (Princess Tutu)
:bulletwhite: Saturday ~ New 52 Catwoman - (DC Comics)
:bulletwhite: Sunday ~ ???

Hope to see you guys there! :)

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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 27, 2011, 12:19 PM
I made my account! :D

Im slowly but surely uploading some of my favorite photos there, it might take awhile! ^^;

Please share your accounts if you have them! :D

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